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Invention patents:

Ingredients: Maifanshi is a natural silicate mineral, non-toxic. Scientific name: quartz monzonite. Maifanshi is a non-toxic, harmless and biologically active compound mineral or medicinal rock. The main chemical composition of Maifanshi is inorganic aluminosilicate. It includes SiO 2, AlO 3, FeO 3, FeO, MgO, CaO, KO, NaO, TiO 2, P2O 5, MnO, etc. It also contains all the constant elements needed by animals, such as K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo and other trace elements and rare earth elements, about 58 kinds.

Background Technology: These inventions are based on the properties of Maifanshi.
Maifanshi is a kind of non-toxic, harmless and biologically active compound mineral or medicinal rock. It is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. Maifan stone has the characteristics of adsorption, solubility, regulation, biological activity and mineralization. It can absorb free metal ions in water. After soaking in water, Maifanshi can dissolve more than 40 elements, of which nearly 20 are trace elements, in addition, there are trace rare earth elements. Maifanshi can also dissolve the amino acids necessary for human body in aqueous solution (as inorganic matter, how can it dissolve the organic matter of amino acid). Maifanshi contains Al2O315%. As a neutral oxide, it reacts with alkali (OH) in aqueous solution to reduce the pH value, and with acid (H) to increase the pH value, so it has the function of bidirectional adjustment of the pH value. After soaking in water, Yimeng Maifanshi can contain nearly 20 elements and minerals necessary for human body, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, manganese, titanium and phosphorus, which can meet the standard of mineral water. Long-term drinking can enhance the body's immune function and improve the body's anti-infection ability. At the same time, Yimeng Maifanshi has a strong adsorption rate for cadmium, lead and other harmful elements and bacterial groups, and the adsorption rate for Escherichia coli is above 95.
Experts at home and abroad identified that Maifanshi is rich in a variety of trace elements necessary for human body, can be used for water purification, sewage treatment, and has a strong adsorption of bacteria. Drinking Maifan stone water can regulate the metabolism of the body, and has the functions of stomach-strengthening, diuresis, liver-protecting and anti-aging, which is of great benefit to human beings. In addition, it can also be used in vegetable and fruit preservation, animal breeding, plant cultivation, refrigerator deodorization, etc. Modern technology test analysis shows that Maifanshi contains a variety of trace elements needed for human health. Human long-term drinking Maifanshi mineral water can supplement minerals and trace elements needed by human body, provide inorganic nutrients for organisms, regulate metabolism, and Maifanshi mineral water can be used for health physiotherapy and bathing. Often bathing, can strengthen the body effect, equivalent to mineral water bath. Maifanshi has a certain adsorption effect. It has been proved by many experiments that Maifanshi has a certain purifying ability for some viruses, harmful microorganisms and heavy metal elements. Maifanshi is effective in sewage treatment, drinking water purification and odor removal.

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