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  • Effect of Powder from Maifanshi Factory on Dermatitis 2018-12-05 09:12:41  cliks:338

    Maifanshi as a medical stone began earlier in China. According to records, Ma Siming of Beiqi Dynasty once took stone "burning red with fierce fire, in strong vinegar", took the fine debris it quenched, dried and grinded into powder, and applied vinegar to the back sore and aphtha to recover quickly. This kind of ore was called "rough yellowstone" earlier. Later, people renamed it "Maifanshi" according to its image. In traditional Chinese medicine, Maifanshi is a kind of volcanic rock with dehydrated silicic acid, belonging to quartz porphyry. Can treat "skin... DETAILS

  • Why does the manufacturer say that Maifanshi powder is a hea 2018-11-29 10:11:55  cliks:171

    Maifanshi powder manufacturer said that one of the main reasons why it has the magic function of eliminating disease and prolonging life is that its original rock contains many kinds of trace elements which are beneficial to human health and can be used. In the late stage of magmatic crystallization differentiation, these beneficial trace elements are enriched in cryptocrystalline or vitreous matrix of Maifanshi protolith. In water, its minerals and trace elements are easily dissolved and absorbed by human body or organism. Therefore, subvolcanic-volcanic rocks with holocrystalline structure, ... DETAILS

  • How to raise fish with meal stone powder? The manufacturer t 2018-11-29 10:11:54  cliks:175

    Maifanshi Powder Factory will introduce the relevant knowledge for you to understand it below. Maifanshi contains aluminosilicates (feldspars), which can adsorb pigments and bacteria. If Maifanshi is ground into powder, the ion dissolution and adsorption are enhanced. The treatment of water with Maifanshi transforms water into water with many + and - electro-atomic groups.... DETAILS

  • The manufacturer tells us how to grow the meaty powder of Ma 2018-11-29 10:11:53  cliks:197

    In fact, it's not just Maifanshi. If you use this solid granule, you should be more careful to warm the meat. Speaking of "boiling meat" usually occurs in high temperature and humidity environment, such as high temperature raining, high temperature w…... DETAILS

  • Application of Maifanshi Granules 2018-11-29 10:11:52  cliks:170

    Maifanshi is a kind of non-toxic, harmless and biologically active compound mineral or medicinal rock. The parent rocks of Maifanshi are usually intermediate and acid magmatic rocks. In addition to Ca, Mg, Si, Al, Fe, K and Na, there are a few rare elements and rare earth elements in its chemical composition.... DETAILS

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