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Application of Maifanshi Granules in Soil Improvement

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Maifanshi granules on dry skin exfoliation, other skin becomes smooth; I have never used such an effective product, please continue to recommend to us safe, clean product Maifanshi powder compared to other bath salts more moist; it is insoluble in hot water, but I have been accustomed to the surface area of 20,000 times activated carbon Maifanshi. It can adsorb chlorine as follows:
Bacteria and other toxic substances, it can also release infrared rays, decompose water molecules to make skin easier to absorb, but also moisturize, provide heat, anti-inflammatory and toxin removal. In addition, Maifanshi granules can also play a role in preventing deterioration of edible oil.
Maifanshi particles can stabilize, improve and balance the physical function of soil, so it has more advantages than other soil amendments. Because of this, the effect of Maifanshi on outdoor Chinese cabbage cultivation has been widely concerned. The use of Maifan stone can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and soil amendments, and can economically and effectively improve soil quality and protect the environment. Through the above introduction of Maifanshi granules, do you have a clear understanding? If you have other needs, you can contact our company at any time.
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