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Manufacturers of Maifanshi Powder with Wide Uses

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Maifanshi powder manufacturer has a wide range of uses, and can be used in the following key points: water treatment Maifanshi granules are used for industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply systems that require effluent turbidity less than 5 mg/L to meet drinking water quality standards; Maifanshi granules can remove suspended matter and solid matter from industrial sewage;
Maifanshi granules can be used as pretreatment equipment in ion exchange softening, desalination system, crude filtration equipment for industrial feed water with low water quality requirements, as well as in swimming pool circulating treatment system, cooling circulating water purification system, etc.
The content of substances with density less than 2g/cm3 should not be equal to 1%. The burning reduction of the manufacturer of Maifanshi powder should not be more than 0.6% quartz sand filter material, which acts as a filter and trait, just as water penetrates into the underground through sand and stone, blocking this part of suspended matter in the water, mainly for that part of the fine suspended matter.
Trace elements account for about 0.025% of human body weight. Although their content is very small, they play an important role in the process of human life. Their deficiency or excess in human body will affect health and even endanger life.
Therefore, the human body must constantly supplement trace elements through various ways to meet the needs of human growth and development and maintain normal metabolic levels. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.
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