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The Function of Maifanshi Powder on Human Body

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Maifanshi granule manufacturer said that Maifanshi contains a large amount of zircon, which can release a ray or infrared ray. As we all know, infrared radiation has many functions, one of which is to decompose water molecules and activate water by adding oxygen ions. The larger the proportion of water molecules, the better the human body absorbs water.
Zircon plays an active role in promoting human health. Drinking has been introduced, adding a small amount of Maifanshi can absorb fusel oil in wine and improve the flavor of wine, which is the result of Dr. Ono's research.
The attraction of Maifanshi is also reflected in the absorption of flavor. Experiments show that the deodorizing ability of Maifanshi is superior to that of various deodorizers sold in the market.
Brushing teeth, this is to refine the Macadamia stone, carry out ultrafine processing, mix it into toothpaste, can be made into medicinal toothpaste. It has been proved that it has the function of removing fume, preventing halitosis, preventing and curing gum pus.
Through the introduction of the powder manufacturer of Maifanshi, do you think that Maifanshi has magical effect? If you need anything, you can call our company.
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